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"..& the 50 pound japanese baby who grew up to be a giant. She wanted to be a ninja. Put her dad forced her to be a sumo wrestler. When she ran it would get windy. When she swam large waves would form. When she sang it sounded like lightning. She patrolled the streets looking for children at risk."

- experts from treatment intro for [Giant Ninja]

"There’s this one story too. Deaf Dj & a blind dancer.."

"Friend just posted about being turned into a blue diamond when she passes. Saw this other thing where you could get yourself made into a record. Well what if one person is the diamond on the needle and the other person is the record?"

Flux Podcast - 18 - El_Txef_A by Flux-Music


Jesse Treece

Where are you from?   Born and raised in Seattle, Wa.

How long have you been working with collage?   I think it was late 2009 when I really started getting into it. Before that I used to draw and doodle on everything.

Do you have a favourite source to gather materials from?  I use National Geographic a lot but I try to mix it up. I have some great old books and magazines that I pick up at thrift stores. My most recent finds are books on gems and New Zealand, and some 70’s issues of Family Circle.

How do you think of your images? (Is it spontaneous, a vision, etc?)  I’ve been working very spontaneously lately and making these sort of minimal psychedelic landscapes that are populated less with people and more with otherworldly shapes, colors and vegetation. 

Favourite books?   I’m reading lots of graphic novels and comics right now but some favorite books from the last few years are The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, Neuromancer by William Gibson, The Child Garden by Geoff Ryman, The Valis trilogy by Philip K. Dick.

See more of his work here

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" Live DJ’s. Pretty sure. Might be ghosts. Not sure. Angels more likely."


Can’t sleep so I might as well hang out with the tumblr graveyard shift